Kayaking the dramatic Loen valley


Join us for an amazing kayaking experience in the dramatic Loen valley. As we navigate the green glacial water, the guide will tell you about the dark history of this hidden valley. The remnants of past disasters can still be seen. Surrounded by green water, towering mountains and rumbling waterfalls, it’s hard not to be impressed by the mighty nature.

The feeling of being outdoors, of being part of a small team in great nature, captures all your senses. The beautiful, untamed nature and the valley´s dramatic history make a visit to the Loen valley an experience not to be missed.

Included in this tour:

  • Guide with navigation, safety and emergency equipment
  • All the equipment required for kayaking
  • Storytelling


2-3 hour trip - 990 NOK per person (min. 4 pers / 4000 NOK)

3-4 hour trip - 1190 NOK per person (min. 4 pers / 4500 NOK)

4-5 hour trip - 1250 NOK per person (min. 4 pers / 5000 NOK)

5-6 hour trip - 1490 NOK per person (min. 4 pers / 5500 NOK)


What to bring?

– Water-Resistant/Waterproof jacket
– Energy / additional snacks
– Bottled water
– Cap
– Sunglasses
– Small backpack with additional clothing layers (fleece/woolen sweater, etc.)
– Camera is recommended, but on your own risk! Bring a small waterproof bag/purse if needed.




  1. Stryn (NO)