Vilkår og betingelser

Credit card payments in favor of Destinate AS are collected by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstrasse 15, 3800 Matten, Switzerland ("TREKKSOFT"). TREKKSOFT will appear as DESTINATE on your credit card statement. The domain where you enter and process your payment is owned and operated by TREKKSOFT.

Please send an e-mail to for all inquiries regarding your credit card payments and chargebacks.

These general conditions of contract (“Agreement”) govern the contractual relationship between customers (“You”)  who use our services to purchase Adventures (“Adventure”) through (“Site”) and Destinate Norway DA (Norwegian organisation number 919168439) in respect of guided Adventures organized by Destinate Norway DA and performed by its guides and/or suppliers.

You must read this Agreement before booking an Adventure. This contract is concluded once Destinate Norway DA has accepted a booking You have made in writing (email or via the internet) or by telephone. By booking an Adventure, You warrant that You understand, agree to and accept all terms and conditions contained here.

You agree that Norwegian law applies to this Agreement, as well as all to other legal concerns between You and Destinate Norway DA.

Terms of payment
Booking and cancellation by You
Alteration and cancellation by Destinate Norway DA
Risk and liability

In addition, our general terms and conditions and privacy policy apply. Destinate Norway DA reserves the right to make changes to all conditions and Agreements.


1. Terms of payment

Payment for guided Adventures organized by Destinate Norway DA is due in advance. You can pay by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

All prices are quoted included Norwegian VAT (MVA).

Online payments via the Site may only be made at the time of booking. Payments will be made through a secure environment. Destinate Norway DA uses a third party service to process Your credit card information and does not store credit card details. You hereby agree to hold Destinate Norway DA harmless for any damages that may result should any personal information about You be released by any third parties.


2. Alteration and cancellation by You

You are responsible for providing accurate, timely and complete information in connection with booking any Adventure.

Alteration includes changes to dates, times, and numbers of participants of confirmed Adventures. Any cancellation by You must be made by telephone or email and acknowledged by Destinate Norway DA.

The first alteration of the dates and times is free of charge; for any further date and time alterations a fee of 200 NOK will be charged. Extra participants will induce normal additional costs according to the prices stated on the Site, and are free of extra booking charging fees. Any unadvised reduction in number of participants or duration of the Adventure will not alter the fee for the booked Adventure already calculated.

The maximum waiting time of the guides is 15 minutes. In the event of a late arrival the duration of the Adventure will be reduced accordingly.

Refunds for cancelled booked Adventures will be made on the following basis – Cancellation received and acknowledged by Destinate Norway:

More than 1 month before the booked Adventure date: 75% refund
More than 2 weeks before the booked Adventure date: 50% refund
2 weeks or less before the booked Adventure date: no refund

In addition, a refund fee of 200 NOK applies, regardless how long before the Adventure the cancellation was made.

Cancellation charges of involved partner institutions (bus companies, hotels, restaurants etc.) will be charged according to their conditions. Refunds will be transferred using the same payment method as the original payment performed by You.

If the client for the booked Adventure does not arrive (”no show”) then Destinate Norway DA will make no refund and reserves the right to levy an addition cancellation fee of 10%.


3. Alteration and cancellation by Destinate Norway DA

Bookings confirmed by Destinate Norway DA will be allocated suitably qualified guides to meet the client’s requirements.

Guides will be carrying a first-aid kit, safety, emergency and communication equipment, navigation equipment, water and food supplies.

Destinate Norway DA reserves the right to substitute guides as necessary, the replacement guide being of equal qualification.

Adventure programmes may be altered in unforeseeable circumstances. Destinate Norway DA will do all it can to offer alternative, equally satisfactory arrangements or another solution in such cases.

Destinate Norway DA is entitled to cancel Adventures in cases of force majeure (e.g. natural catastrophes, unrest, strikes) or in the event of government action, accidents, technical defects etc. Amounts already paid will be reimbursed.

Destinate Norway DA is explicitly allowed to reschedule or cancel any Adventure due to weather conditions in the event that personal-safety can no longer be accounted for. You may choose between a rescheduling of the Adventure OR a credit towards an alternative Adventure OR a full refund of all costs paid, minus possible cancellation fees from involved partner institutions (bus companies, hotels, restaurants etc.) for services already booked and paid.

Cancellations by Destinate Norway DA due to unprepared guests.

In case You show up at a Adventure without having with You the necessary equipment, clothes and water/food as stated in the Product Description and Additional Information on the Site, and/or information sent to You by email and/or SMS prior to the trip, Destinate Norway DA has the full right to cancel Your booking at the start of the Adventure and deny Your participation. In such a case, You agree that no refund will be given by Destinate Norway DA.


4. Risk and liability

You acknowledge that all travel involves an element of risk and that Adventures offered by Destinate Norway DA may be adventurous in nature and may involve a significant amount of personal risk. You hereby assume all such risk and You, Your estate, Your family, heirs and assigns hereby release Destinate Norway DA and its guides from all claims and causes of action whatsoever arising from any injury, death or other damages, both pecuniary and non-pecuniary, to You that may occur as a result of Your participation in the Adventures offered by Destinate Norway DA or as a result of the negligence of any party, including the guide or any employee, officer, agent, contractor or assign of Destinate Norway DA, whether such negligence is passive or active.

Prior to Adventure commencement, Destinate Norway DA may ask You to sign a Liability Release. Signing of the Liability Release is required.

Under no circumstances will Destinate Norway DA be liable to You for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages arising from any provision of this Agreement or from the provision of any Adventures purchased from the Site. Furthermore, the total liability of Destinate Norway DA arising with respect to this Agreement and the Site shall in no event exceed the total amounts paid by You to Destinate Norway DA under this Agreement.


5. Insurance

You are strongly encouraged to obtain suitable medical insurance prior to booking an Adventure, as well as cancellation insurance.

You must carry proof of valid travel insurance, covering all registered participants of Your booking and all activities and risks, as well as all geographic regions related to Your Adventure with Destinate Norway DA for the total duration of the Adventure. Destinate Norway DA may ask to present such proof prior to and during the Adventure.